Pearson planning to sell their books as NFTs

It makes total business sense to do this in order to generate additional income from secondary sales of used books, but I didn’t expect NFT adoption in the publishing industry to happen so fast.

My thoughts:

✅ I’m wondering whether Pearson will give a share of the extra profit from secondary sales to their authors. It wold only be fair. A modern form of royalties.

✅ Initiatives like this will help change the negative view about NFTs that many have. 

✅ It’s probably only a matter of time until they sell language course books as NFTs as well.

✅ It will show people that NFTs are not just digital art but have other profound uses.

✅ Other publishers will follow.

✅ NFTs can help authors track the use and sales of their books and materials and protect their copyright.

✅ I hope the negative environmental impact of NFTs or the underlying blockchain technology will be resolved before NFTs go completely mainstream. ??

Here is a different – more negative – take on it, but worth reading as it explains a bit more about NFTs and when they are needed. In this article, it makes it sound like there is no concrete plan yet. Either they wanted to be in the news or they are, in fact, thinking about profiting from the secondary market, whether with or without NFTs. The latter seems more probable.