Sustainability lessons

The environment has always been close to my heart and I’ve always included environmental topics in my courses or lessons, such as this one, this or this, but due to the recent increase in discussions around climate change and environmental issues in general and in ELT, I’ve been thinking — like many colleagues — about how to do this more regularly, meaningfully and strategically.

Seeing the material and ideas shared in the ELT Footprint group and joining a course created and offered by Owain Llewellyn finally gave me enough motivation to start this section on my website, which I hope will lead to a collection of lesson plans based on principles, but also thoughts on and opportunities for professional development in this area and strategies for meaningful integration of environment-based lessons into language teaching courses.

Most lesson ideas and plans I have come across are for young learners or the general English class. My interest is, however, mainly in ESP (English for Specific Purposes), and currently particularly in EAP (English for Academic Purposes). So, I’m planning to focus on this.

Here are the lessons that are available.

There’s so much more material available than I can ever find time to write lesson plans for. So those I write will be to illustrate how to use different existing material for environmental-themed lessons.

If you’d like to incorporate authentic material in your environment-based lessons plans, I’ve started curating content on: