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Humanising and Sustainable Learning Futures

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Emerging technologies and the future of language learning

Consulting & Future Foresight

Check out my academic article ‘A vision for a humanising and sustainable future of language learning with the metaverse’ in the Journal of Futures Studies.

“The future will bring increasingly more collaboration between humans and technology, which will have much more powerful outcomes than either one working on their own. The efficiency of technology combined with human creativity, reflection, intuition, and imagination will lead to unprecedented exponential development in all areas. This will open up new opportunities but also bring news risks.

Future Foresight helps us challenge our assumptions about the future, see alternative futures, think strategically about opportunities and risks that come with emerging technologies, and work towards our preferred futures.”

Nergiz Kern – independent, objective emerging edtech consultant and foresight practitioner

About me

Emerging Tech for Learning – Consulting

Immersive learning, virtual reality, the metaverse, AI, Web3 and other emerging technologies for learning…

What type of VR is the best for your needs? What do teachers and materials writers need to know about learning in and with virtual reality? What will the impact of AI be on your language institution? What should educational app or platform developers consider from a pedagogical perspective? How can you make sure you have considered ethical development principles and avoid unwanted consequences when building new products?

I provide hype-free, objective advice, using my experiences in technology, education and business.

▷ One-off Consultancy Session for any immediate questions you have

▷ Project Consultancy to work on one question, issue, or decision in depth

▷ Retainer for regular access to my expertise

Solve Tomorrow’s Problems Today – Future Workshops

Ongoing and collaborative foresight work is becoming critical for success with the fast-paced changes and increasing uncertainty we live with.

I guide you and your team through a transformative futures thinking process based on proven foresight frameworks and tools and curated for your specific needs.

▷ Develop alternative future scenarios for the future of your company, school, product, or learning program

▷ Become aware of blind spots, 2nd and 3rd order consequences of your decisions, risks, and opportunities

▷ Strategically plan for and take concrete steps to work towards your preferred future

▷ Learn to use futures thinking tools

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