I’m an EAP (English for Academic Purposes)/ESP (English for Specific Purposes) teacher, blended and online learning professional, freelance editor and research manager with a special interest in EdTech, particularly virtual reality.

I have an MA in EdTech and TESOL and a Diploma in English language teaching to Adults from the Cambridge University (DELTA).

Teaching regularly in an international environment, my knowledge of and experience with educational technology, and working on online, blended and mobile course design projects are a great combination which help me teach effectively and help create effective courses.

I have strong interpersonal, intercultural, communication and organisational skills and extensive experience in working in multicultural environments.

My main interests are

  • supporting teachers in using technology appropriately and confidently
  • learner motivation and autonomy
  • developing teachers’ and learners’ digital literacies and life skills
  • developing and teaching EdTech supported ESP courses

My personal interests are photography, learning about and foraging wild plants responsibly, hiking and environmentalism.


I have worked as a language teacher in different countries and online since 2001, and have taught general, business, technical and academic English at different levels to students of all ages and backgrounds.

I teach EAP and ESAP (English for Specific Academic Purposes) at a UK university part of the year.

I have a certificate in LSP (Languages for Specific Purposes) didactics and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) integration.

>>> Read my chapter on ESP and EdTech if you are interested in how to meaningfully integrate technology into ESP courses.

Course design and editing

I have developed and taught ESP courses for different professions (e.g. city planners, taxi drivers and aviation maintenance technicians), on different platforms, for face-to-face and blended delivery; provided editorial and technical support to authors; and have taken on other freelance editorial roles as content and copy editor, cold reader and proofreader.

I have worked on digital course development projects for various well-known international, educational companies and publishers.


Blended and online learning

With an MA in EdTech and TESOL, and being an active teacher, I have theoretical, pedagogical and practical knowledge of blended and online learning and course creation.

I have developed and have participated in projects on developing blended and online courses, and mobile-first courses.

I am used to working online with remote teams and familiar with many different learning and content management tools, authoring tools and project management and communication tools.

>>> Read my chapter and this more practical article on designing and teaching an English course for taxi drivers. This often cited as a good example for integrating technology in education in a low-tech, low-cost context.

Virtual reality in education

After exploring, using, conducting teacher training on and writing about language teaching in 3D virtual worlds between 2008 and 2010 (see list of activities below), I am now back to exploring immersive virtual worlds and virtual reality. I’m doing independent research, but am also the Fractional Research Manager at Immerse.

I’m sharing my findings, reflections and related work on my blog and will also be writing research-informed blog posts on the Immerse blog.

>>> Read my article on teaching English in Second Life.

Some of my past virtual world teaching and teacher training activities:

You can find more information about me on LinkedIn.