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How to start writing for publication – a teacher’s personal journey, IATEFL Conference Selections 2016 (based on my talk)

Tools for Taxi Drivers in The English Teaching Professional, Issue 77, 2011

Starting a Second Life in The English Teaching professional, Issue 61, 2009

Blended learning: Podcasts for taxi drivers in Blended Learning in English Language Teaching: Course Design and Implementation, Part 3 – English for Specific Purposes, Chapter 11, pages 131-139.

Innovations in Technology for English Language Teaching and Learning
Chapter 4: Technology-Integrated ESP Lessons: Real-Life Language, Tasks, and Tools for Professionals)

Practical Design Patterns for Teaching and Learning with Technology
3.1.2 Design narrative: Online teacher training in a Web 2.0 setting p. 171,
Co-author of 3.2.9 Pattern: Control the flow p. 227, contributions to chapter 3.2.5 Set ground rules p. 212)