Webinar: A conversation about the metaverse and virtual reality language learning

Teresa Bestwick from The TEFL Development Hub kindly invited me to give a presentation as part of their Facebook Live Webinar series. I happily accepted because, being a language teacher myself, I like talking to teachers about emerging technologies, in this case the metaverse and virtual reality for language teaching.

I decided to not make it a presentation but instead to have a conversation with Teresa. I like this format a lot more because the host knows their audience, and it allows them and the audience to ask questions, so that I can tailor the content to their needs and interests. For this purpose, we asked the FB group members to post their questions and comments about the metaverse or virtual reality before and during the webinar.

Some of the questions that came up where…

  • What exactly is the metaverse or even VR and how can this technology be used for language leaning
  • How to use virtual reality in low-resource / low-tech contexts
  • What are the benefits of VR for language learning

Teresa’s experience with hosting webinars and her own curiosity, plus the questions and reactions from the audience, made this a great experience for me, allowing me to indulge in my passion while at the same time feeling what I was saying was useful.

You can watch the recording over at The TEFL Development Hub FB group. Teresa also wrote a summary and her thoughts about our conversation.