Teacher development courses: sustainability and the environment


I will be collecting here links to courses for teachers who are interested in developing their understanding of topics related to sustainability and the environment or would like to learn how to integrate these topics into their lessons.

Language Teaching for the Planet

A 2-week online course on using environmental topics in English language lessons created by Owain Llewellyn.

From the course website: About this course — You came here as you want a transformation in your teaching, which is to be great at bringing in topics of sustainability to your teaching in a way that motivates your learners to take part in this key dialogue. In this course we will achieve this through reflecting on our current practice, sharing our ideas and experience creating new knowledge and new ideas.’

— Starts at fixed times announced on the website and is moderated. —

The Stories We Live By

An online course in ecolinguistics created by Arran Stibbe, Professor of Ecological Linguistics at the University of Gloucestershire, working with a team of volunteers and based on the book Ecolinguistics: language, ecology and the stories we live by by Arran Stibbe.

From the course website: ‘WHAT’S THE COURSE ABOUT? The social and ecological issues that humanity currently faces are so severe that they call into question the fundamental stories that societies are based on. Ecolinguistics provides tools for revealing the stories we live by, questioning them from an ecological perspective, and contributing to the search for new stories to live by. The course examines a wide range of texts from advertisements, lifestyle magazines and economics textbooks to surfing guides, Native American sayings and Japanese animation. In each case, the question is whether the stories that underlie texts encourage us to care about people and the ecosystems that life depends on.’

— Self-paced course with no specific start time. Tutors are available by email. —

Climate Change Teachers

This online course will train you to become a climate change accredited teacher at your school. It is offered by eduCCateGlobal™ Climate Change Teacher Training Academy, which is ‘a joint partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to develop and deliver climate change education programs and UN recognised climate change teachers for every school in the world.’

From the website: ‘As a Climate Change accredited teacher in your school you gain access to world-class learning resources and teacher training courtesy of the UN CC:Learn Program. This equips you with the Climate Change and environmental knowledge needed to educate and empower the next generation of global citizens.’

How the course works is explained here.

— Self-paced course with no specific start time. —

Short courses on sustainability and the environment

Future Learn has got a lot of short courses on sustainability and the environment that could be useful for teachers who want to bring these subjects into their classes, but would like to feel more confident about the topics themselves before planning their environment-based lessons and teaching about them.

You can find these online courses, which are mainly developed and offered by UK universities, under the category ‘Nature & Environment‘.