Apr 292015

I posted this on Facebook yesterday:

FB status update

I like the work I do and this is one reason why I tend to work a lot. As I also usually work on many different things, there’s always something to do, it never gets boring. For several years now, I’ve also been working during the summers, teaching on pre-sessional courses (which I love doing, but that’s another blog post). When I take off time to go on holiday with my family, it’s usually more a change of location/office for me, with reduced hours of work, but never without any. That’s how it’s been for some time now and it’s been good actually, as I can be in nice locations any time I want as long as there is internet access, and I don’t have to worry about work not being done, not earning an income, etc. A dream!
On the downside of it, I haven’t had any real time off for very long and I seem to have lost the ability to do nothing… or so I thought.

This year, we are in our lovely timeshare flat again, which has got thermal water in the bathroom and is situated in a lovely village where cows eat grass and wild flowers on the pasture and produce the fattest, tastiest milk, where the eggs and vegetables are organic, the cheese is made of the tastiest …, where you can walk in surrounding hills and collect tea leaves… You get the idea. AND, for once, this is at a time when I don’t have much to do as some projects have just finished and others are not urgent.

Sheep IMG_0188

So, I was sitting on the balcony yesterday and suddenly realised that I still am able to do nothing! Hence the Facebook update above 🙂 And I noticed how good it actually is not to be doing anything (work-related).

Then, when I wasn’t doing anything or thinking of anything particular again later (yes, I’m enjoying this now), I suddenly had lots of ideas pop into my mind — work-related ideas! Ideas for new projects, for new blog posts, etc. So, after all, it seems that doing nothing actually means doing a lot.

Now, back to counting the shades of green… or the sheep…


In the meantime, when and where do you have your moments of doing “nothing”?

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  4 Responses to “Why doing nothing is doing a lot”

  1. I walk along the beach and around the woods every day with the dogs. I love it, they love it, I am not really doing nothing as I am walking and walking the dogs too but my mind is free to wander 🙂 Since I have retired I have done just as much work as ever but when I choose to work and I am enjoying it a lot more 🙂 Make the most of your downtime, it is what keeps you sane, productive, creative etc.

    • I’ve been following your updates on FB. It really looks lovely where you live now, Carol. I need to make having downtime a more regular thing. It’s true that whenever I take it easy and go for a walk, etc., I get done much more work in a shorter time.

  2. Nergiz. Great to stumble across your blog. I don’t think you are doing nothing – though of course I understand what you mean. You are relaxing! And a mind relaxed, eyes focussed on sunlit grass, with or without sheep – twittering, swooping birds always help – is quite likely to fly and produce interesting new ideas. Walking in the countryside, staring at the surrounding countryside from the side of a hill or sitting on the bank of stream or river can also be highly recommended. As the Welsh poet William Henry Davies wrote:

    “What is this life if ,full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.
    No time to stand beneath the boughs
    And stare as long as sheep or cows.”


    • Lovely to hear from you Dennis. And a lovely poem, so wise! I like doing all the things you describe, just haven’t had all that for a long time, but trying to go back to it 🙂

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