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I’ve always found it very useful to see models of an assignment, besides the assignment description to understand what is expected. This is why I’ve decided to make my DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) assignments public.

On this page you will find a list of links leading to my Cambdrige DELTA assingments (PDF files) from 2007. The main purpose for publishing them is to help DELTA candidates by providing them with models for the assignments. Each stage of the assignments is in a separate file and can be downloaded individually.

If you are not a DELTA candidate, the background assignments might still be interesting for you to read about the theory and practice of language teaching and learning. The bibliography can be found at the end of each background assignment.

1. Resources & Materials
Resources materials top sheet
Resources & materials Lesson Plan Main
Martin Luther King’s speech
Resources & materials board plan

2. Systems 1 – Prefixes
Prefixes background assignment
Prefixes Top Sheet
Prefixes Lesson Plan
Prefixes Worksheet*
Prefixes Board Plan
Prefixes Mindmap

3. Systems 2 – Present Perfect
Present Perfect Background Assignment
Present Perfect Top Sheet
Present Perfect Lesson Plan
Present Perfect Worksheet*
Present Perfect Board Plan

4. Course Planning
Course Planning Contents Page
Course Planning Assignment

5. Experimental Practice – Dictogloss
Dictogloss Assignment
Dictogloss Top Sheet
Dictogloss Lesson Plan
Dictogloss Questionnaire for Observer
Dictogloss Questionnaire for Students

6. Extended Assignment
Extended Assignment Contents Page
Extended Assignment Main
Extended Assignment Bibliography

7. Skills 1 – Writing
Writing Top Sheet
Writing Lesson Plan
Writing Board Plan
Writing Worksheet*

* The Worksheets are my product but some exercises and samples are reproductions from published Course or Workbooks. You can find the reference on top of the first page of the Top Sheets.

Important: The listed assignments all got a distinction so are safe to be taken as models. However, remember that plagiarism is not a good idea. Universities have powerful plagiarism detection tools. Also, you want to be proud of your own work, don’t you? 🙂

Note: I completed the course in 2007 at ITTC in Bournemouth, UK. Shortly after, DELTA courses became modular and, very likely, the assignments have changed as well. So, decide for yourself how much of this is still relevant and useful.

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  1. Dear Nergiz,

    Thanks for doing this and it really helps to get an idea of what a DELTA cadidate is to expect.

    Kinde regards


  2. Thanks for sharing all this material. I have just finshed my CELTA course and intend to go for DELTA certification very soon. Thanks for such a great help.

  3. Dear Nergiz,
    Thank you so much. You are a great person because you share your knowledge and valuable information to others as a real academician.

    With regards

    Thank you

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